◼︎ We have espoused the concept of "Customer-oriented finishing services" and specialized in the interior finishing of luxurious cruise ships throughout the last years.

Experience your individual design adventure with all our means, regardless of whether exclusive in luxury liners, gastronomy, hotels, banks, offices, or even totally practical in social service facilities. Our engineers, wood work engineers, carpenters, and technicians professionally implement your desires. Of course we plan, advise, design, construct, produce, and assemble on the highest level.

◼︎ Due to the close cooperation with internationally renowned interior designers and our global network of specialists, we offer you an almost unlimited variety of exquisite interiors. Discover with us what is not possible yet to let us realize it afterwards.

◼︎ If the glamorous cruise ships with the extravagant suites built by us set sail and it feels to you just like home, we will have reached one of our goals. We will already head for the next big projects at that time. By the way, no shore is too far for us in that case.

Good visibility in calm seas

Our Project handling

    AIP ◼︎ Construction
    AIP ◼︎ Manufacturing
    AIP ◼︎ Manufacturing
    AIP ◼︎ Manufacturing
    AIP ◼︎ Manufacturing
    AIP ◼︎ Manufacturing
    AIP ◼︎ Manufacturing
    AIP ◼︎ Training
    AIP ◼︎ Training
    AIP ◼︎ Training


    ◼︎ Our implementations are transparently navigated with state-of-the-art project management software which facilitates exactly controlling the timing of processes, milestones etc. This data is subsequently documented by us and may be telemetrically accessed by our customers. As a result, you are able to review the current course of your project in the smallest detail at any time, regardless of your current location.


    ERP-driven Projectmanagement from Design to Assembly

    1. Kickoff meeting/briefing
    2. Basic design in 2D, geometry in 3D
    3. Basic engineering/3D construction
    4. Model building/mock-up/prototype 1:1
    5. Detailed engineering
    6. In-house manufacturing at AIP
    7. Assembly/finishing on site at the customer
    8. Completion/acceptance
    9. Warranty period


    Prints on Metallic Surfaces
    Production and Instalation
    3-D Printer for Textures
    3-D Printer for Texture Creation
    3-D Printer for Surfaces
    3-D Printer with specific Materials