Social Commitment


AIP Inneneinrichtungs GmbH is deeply committed to its outreach activities and corporate social responsibility:


We work with universities through cooperation and sponsorship programs:

IHD Universities

Technical University of Chemnitz, sponsor in the field of racing


Through our sponsorship program, we support a great many associations, athletes and initiatives:

TuS Falke Rußdorf

FC Dresden e.V. – Awarded a prize in recognition of integration, as 21 nations are represented within the club)

Didier Grams – Motorcycle racing

Genial Sozial – Young people work for companies, which pay their salaries into a fund for people in need

IBUG-Art – Urban Art Festival


Our donations support social institutions, families and associations:

Kindergartens and schools in Limbach-Oberfrohna and the surrounding region

Families with seriously ill children

Children’s homes in Burgstädt and Limbach-Oberfrohna

Bona Vita – A social care organization in Limbach-Oberfrohna

Hoffnungsschimmer kleiner Helden e. V.

Victims of the 2013 floods

Polizei Dein Partner (police/public partnership initiative)

SV Planitz Zwickau


Our employees also get involved in sporting activities:

We had runners in the Chemnitz corporate race

We had riders in the Chemnitz-Fichtelberg cycle marathon

We enjoyed company skiing in Austria